Configuring Ogone

  1. Overview
  2. Initial Setup
    1. DirectLink
    2. Alias Manager
      1. Alias SHA-IN Passphrase
    3. API User Account
    4. Enable Refunds
  3. Configure Cheddar

1 Overview

The Ogone payment gateway is available to merchants in the EU including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and more. Once you're setup with Ogone, you can configure your Cheddar account

2 Initial Setup

Your Ogone account must include a few features...

DirectLink is the direct post API method of communicating with Ogone for running transactions. This typically comes standard. If you have questions about enabling DirectLink, please contact Ogone Support.

Ogone requires an additional security measure for DirectLink. You must configure your Ogone account to allow Cheddar's servers to communicate with the Ogone API via DirectLink. This is done under Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin. The IPs are documented in the Web Hooks, Service Hooks, and Captain Hooks article. These IPs are subject to change but we'll let you know well in advance.


Notes From Other Merchants Using Ogone

To improve the quality of error messages you receive from Ogone, you can include more detailed information by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Configuration > Technical information > Feedbacks.
  2. Scroll to Directlink/Dynamic Parameters and select all parameters.


2.2 Alias Manager

Alias Manager is where your customers' sensitive data is stored. Enable Alias Manager in Configuration > Alias. Please contact Ogone support if you have questions about enabling Alias Manager.

2.2.1 Alias SHA-IN Passphrase

As of 2013-05-13, Ogone requires the use of the SHA-IN passphrase for Alias operations. Create a passphrase in Technical information > Data and Origin under Checks for e-Commerce & Alias Gateway. Remember the passphrase you chose so you can enter it in Cheddar's gateway config later.


2.3 API User Account

In order for Cheddar to talk to your Ogone account, you must setup an "API user account". This is a special user account which is required to communicate with Ogone via their API. An API user account looks something like the screenshot below. Please be sure to check the "Special user for API" checkbox.


Notes From Other Merchants Using Ogone

  1. DON'T use the default password provided by Ogone for your API user. It simply does not work (and Ogone recommends changing it). Change this password MANUALLY by going to the Configuration > Password section and selecting your API user UserID.

2.4 Enabling Refunds

Ensure your Ogone API user account has refund permission. If it doesn't, your refund transactions will fail and you may receive the following error from Cheddar:

401:2001 The configuration at the gateway is incompatible

The corresponding error from the Ogone gateway is found in your error log:

50001111 - Operation is not allowed : check user privileges ([your_username]|[your_pspid]), payment method (CreditCard|VISA) and existing status (9)

This results from invalid user permissions. To execute successful refunds, make sure they're enabled for your Ogone API user account. Follow the steps below and you'll be all set.

  1. Goto Configuration > Account
  2. Then Your Options
  3. Next activate the 'Refunds' option - all done!

3 Configure Cheddar

Once your Ogone account is setup and has been converted to a production account, it's time to setup your Cheddar account. Login to Cheddar, navigate to Configuration->Gateway and enter your PSPID, your API username and password, and the SHA-IN passphrase. Then, select the currency enabled in your Ogone account. Click "Save Changes" and you should be all set.

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