Don't have a merchant account or payment gateway?

No problem. You can begin using Cheddar in a development capacity without one, or get started using PayPal immediately.

There are three todo items for you to check off before you can start accepting credit card payments. The good news is that all three of these processes can run in parallel:

  1. Sign up for a free Cheddar account. By default, your account will be in gateway simulation mode. This typically does not need to be changed. You can configure Cheddar to behave exactly the way you want it to behave and utilize the API to present a billing interface to your customers. In simulation mode, all interaction with a gateway is simulated. No matter which live gateway you end up using, the API responses will be the same whether in development with simulation mode or in production with a live gateway. Go ahead and get started!
  2. Apply for a Merchant Account. Whether you are based in the United States, Europe, Australia or pretty much anywhere, we can help with a merchant account. How to Get A Merchant Account
  3. Setup your gateway. The preferred gateway is our own CheddarGateway. The CheddarGateway is more capable than just about anything else out there and it's included with Cheddar -- no additional fees. You can even accept payment from your customers in multiple currencies. Choose the CheddarGateway and we'll facilitate setup and support your gateway account from end to end!

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