Configuring Beanstream

  1. Overview
  2. Initial Setup
    1. Payment Profiles
    2. API Credentials
    3. Other Settings
  3. Configure Cheddar

1 Overview

Beanstream is available to merchants in the Canada and the United States. Available currencies are USD and CAD and Beanstream supports several merchant account providers. Once you're setup with Beanstream, you can configure your Cheddar account

2 Initial Setup

2.1 Payment Profiles

Your customers' sensitive credit card data is stored at Beanstream. The "Payment Profiles" feature must be enabled on your Beanstream account for storage of this data.

2.2 API Credentials

Cheddar needs four pieces of information from your Beanstream account in order to access the Beanstream API:

Merchant ID

The merchant id may be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen in your Beanstream account

API Passcode

The API Passcode setup can be found in your Beanstream account in Configuration->Payment Profile Configuration->Security Settings.

API Passcode

Select the "API access passcode" option. If a passcode isn't already set, click "Generate New Code". Then, click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.

Username and Password

Careful here. This is different than a normal user account. This particular username/password setup can be found in Administration->Account Settings->Order Settings->Transaction Validation Options.

Transaction Validation Options

Check the box for "Use username/password validation against transaction" and enter a username/password of your choice. Then, click "Update" at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

2.3 Other Settings

Payment Profile Duplicate Checks

By default, Beanstream rejects duplicate Payment Profiles. Cheddar needs to be able to create duplicate profiles. Duplicates can be created when the same credit card is used to pay for more than one subscription in Cheddar.

To disable these duplicate checks, go to Configuration->Payment Profile Configuration.

Under "General Settings" uncheck the box next to "Do not allow profile to be created with billing information duplicated from an existing profile"


Under "Credit Card Settings", uncheck the box next to "Do not allow profile to be created with card data duplicated from an existing profile".

Credit Card Settings

Making Billing Address and Phone Optional

Cheddar doesn't collect phone number and collecting billing address is optional. By default, Beanstream requires billing address and phone number for Payment Profiles. To make this optional, navigate to Configuration->Payment Profile Webform and uncheck the appropriate boxes.

Payment Profile Webform

3 Configure Cheddar

Once your Beanstream account is setup and live, it's time to setup your Cheddar account. Login to Cheddar, navigate to Configuration->Gateway and enter your Merchant ID, API Passcode, and the transaction validation username and password. Then, select the currency enabled in your Beanstream account. Click "Save Changes" and you should be all set.

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