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  • Improvements to Authorize.Net duplicate transaction handling
  • Improvements to UTF8 input handling
  • Add forwarded credit to plan change email template if applicable
  • Assembly Payments integration
  • Angular2 refactor of analytics module
  • Churn Analytics
  • Enable initial invoice date configuration for non-recurring plans
  • Better management of PayPal "internal error", additional PayPal response mapping
  • Enable specifying payment method tokens in lieu of full payment method details
  • Enable customer import without initial invoice date
  • Refactor email template params enabling multiple transaction records display
  • Improvements to webhook firing
  • Several minor bug fixes


  • Improvements to Apple In-App Purchase Conversions
  • Customer Notification Templates overhaul
  • Hooked Activity search improvements
  • Introduced Analytics platform starting with Revenue Analytics reporting
  • Streamlined integration with support system facilitating access to support team for existing customers
  • Introduce multiple payment methods
  • Introduce first version of External Payments feature
  • Authorize.Net integration updates for Akamai changes
  • Increased support for 0.00 validate transactions for confirming a credit card without a transaction
  • Add Braintree Gateway integration
  • Better fault tolerance for Memcached pool node failure
  • Add restricted plans to promotions API response
  • Add First Atlantic Commerce Gateway integration
  • Improvements to Item/Grant quantity management
  • Improved handling and fixes for invalid multi-byte characters (not valid UTF-8)
  • PayPal Pro "Internal Error" handling improvements
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes


  • Massive update to administrative GUI
    • Mobile-first, responsive design
    • New dashboard with real-time and configurable metrics: LTV, MMR, Activity, Churn...
    • Additional features and ease-of-use improvements to email notification template configuration
    • Improved customer search
    • Search subscriptions in dunning state
    • Churned, Dunning, Plan Change count metrics
    • Churn rate
    • Run rate and rate-of-change -- monthly and annualized
    • Conversion rate and rate-o-change
    • Average number of days to conversion and rate-of-change
    • Countless other improvements
  • Migration to new hosting environment
    • Improved security and redundancy
    • Fully managed environment with 24/7 human monitoring
  • PayPal preapproval revert functionality
  • Countless minor enhancements and bugfixes


  • Proper error handling when an invoice void/refund is attempted on an unbilled invoice
  • Fix a rather nasty bug where gateway ref would be lost when fiddling with billing solution config
  • Fixed an oddity with prorated plan changes
  • Significantly improved speed of invoice number sequence generator
  • Improved PHP wrapper
  • Fixed a bug in promotions config interface
  • Repair CampaignMonitor integration where configuration would fail in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the initialBillDate override was allowing a date in the past
  • Enable beta testing of PayPal's requireInstantFundingSource flag
  • Fix a rather obscure bug in in-app conversions
  • Improve billing solution config when in migration mode
  • Added amex support for native Payvision interface


  • Customizable gateway descriptor on hosted pages
    • e.g., "This charge will show up on your credit card statement as [customize this]"
    • This is achieved on your gateway config
  • Audit credits carried forward.
  • Charge/credit amount can now be ridiculously large
  • More paypal payment update handling improvements
  • Hosted pages bug fixes
  • Add company name to invoice ascii layout (email templates)
  • Dummy IPN consumer to workaround PayPal's refusal to reenable dynamic IPNs
  • Fix some memory leaks in bg processing (some over-zealous db profiling).
  • Fix email content for cancel notifications
  • More db deadlock controls
  • Configify bill reminders
    • You can now have up to 2 bill reminder events and space them according to your wishes
    • Bill Reminders are now also a hookable event
  • Improvements to various gateways when payment method add/update results in real-time transaction
  • Implement sha1 signing support for Ogone gateway
  • Stop mysteriously auto-canceling stale paypal-wait subscriptions
  • Hook system refactor (It's Better Now (tm))
  • Better controls for transaction duplication
  • Several improvements to unit testing system
  • Add transacted date search option to revenue activity
  • Fix empty customers/get code/id hang 500 error (return 400)
  • Fix a rather pesky item quantity bug which caused a small number of overage billing mistakes
  • Coupon code validation fix
  • Customer import support for customers without payment method
  • Improve duplicated POST checker
  • Oh yeah, countless bug fixes and other improvements, too.


  • Add capability to search customers by transacted date
  • API method for invoice email receipt resend
  • PayPal preapproval limits are now $10000 (or equivalent in your currency) and 3 years.
  • Show PayPal preapproval details on customer detail view.
  • Add options on % discount promo to only discount certain charge types.
  • Fix ownership change functionality
  • Support for eWAY Direct Payments (AU)
  • US and CA states/provinces select on hosted pages
  • Accept coupon code on hosted pages
    • You can also pass the coupon code into the hosted pages view GET params.
  • Alpha new customer search. Releasing with massive GUI upgrade.
  • Add billing address to embedded vars in email templates.
  • Dynamic descriptor support for Payvision accounts
  • DB key conversion
    • Convert UUID primary keys to integer auto-increments
    • Convert foreign keys to the new integers.
    • Yes, we flipped our db keys without downtime.
  • Add promotion information to PayPal preapproval memo (displays in PP workflow)
  • Handle for lost gateway communication mid-transaction.
  • Look up customer by invoiceNumber
  • Native support for Zapier
  • Oh yeah, countless bug fixes and other improvements, too.


  • Remote IP passthru to all gateways
  • Search customers by coupon code
  • Better decline messaging for PayPal Pro
  • Item quantity validation for pricing plan config changes
  • Apple in-app purchase conversion bug fixes
  • Introduce 'failed' transaction state for ACH/echeck delayed decline
  • Use memo field in PayPal preapproval to inform customer of subscribed plan information
  • Abort ajax on unload overview metrics
  • Add support for the Beanstream gateway
  • Add marketing metrics in email templates embedded variables
  • New recurring engine in private beta
  • Case comparison changes for hosted pages customer key
  • Show last login date in manage users interface
  • More PayPal oddity tweaks
  • Add dev accounts to recurring engine
  • Enable add-charge, edit-charge, delete-charge, set-item-quantity GUI and API for outstanding invoice.
  • Add waive and run invoice actions for outstanding invoice. Supports autonomous reactivation.
  • Experimental Projected Revenue metrics
  • API response caching
    • We now support the If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match headers. If you've got a cached version, CG can send back a 304 Not Modified without a body. Big speed and bandwidth improvements!
    • Currently only implemented on plans/get. Coming soon to customers/get.
    • Works with little config in the python wrapper, sharpy with local cache. Possibly others. Please let us know if you've contributed the local caching functionality for other wrappers. We'll distribute the kudos.
  • More performance improvements
    • Opcode caching



  • Credits and Refunds and Voids! Oh My!
    • New email template for void/refund
  • Resend email support with preview modal
    • Resend payment, decline, void, refund receipts
  • More background processing = performance enhancements
  • More PayPal error response improvements
  • Fix datetime input validation
  • One-time invoice total amount can equal zero
  • Improve gateway decline/error response handling
  • PayPal WPP undocumented response codes handled
  • Fix PayPal standard reactivation after cancellation


  • PayPal Website Payments Pro support
  • Ogone payment gateway support
  • Stripe payment gateway support
  • Better handling of PayPal empty responses
  • Improve speed of overview tab
  • Improve overview tab metrics
    • Add "Net New Customers"
    • Add Credits and Refunds
  • Improve speed of customers list
  • Gateway migration support
    • organic migration from one billing solution to another
  • Make add-item-quanity atomic
  • Remotely initiated PayPal refunds are now reflected in CG as refunds
  • More overview tab improvements
    • All ajax loading
    • Pure javascript charts (no more flash)
    • Date range change enabled
    • Cacheing
  • Custom CSS for hosted pages


  • PayPal PayFlow Pro support (since July)
    • Direct credit card acceptance via PayPal's gateway
    • Same interface as other credit card gateways in CheddarGetter including error simulation.
    • Basic Config
  • User management improvements
    • Change ownership of a product account
  • Add sales tax to one-time invoices
  • Improve speed of overview graphs
  • Simplify CG signup process
  • Increase string length limitations on various API params
  • Improve default email templates (mostly for PayPal customers)
  • Increased speed of some API calls
  • Added some preferences for Hosted Pages
    • Require POST (disallow GET) requests for update
    • Disallow pricing plan changes (only payment method updates allowed)
  • Sales tax label configuration



  • PayPal bug fixes and improvements
  • Hosted Pages bug fixes and improvements
  • Protection for customers delete-all
  • More hosted pages functional tests (selenium and saucelabs)



  • One-time transactions
  • Non-recurring pricing plan frequency option
    • Pending invoice on subscriptions to non-recurring plans do not have a bill date
    • Execute pending invoice via subscription[changeBillDate]
  • Enable reactivation and plan change in a single request
  • Improve payment declined email template default content
  • New embedded variable on templates: $invoice.isProrated
  • New API method: customers/list (deprecated multi-customer response from customers/get)
    • new method boasts a ~98% speed increase and ~90% reduction in response body size while sacrificing some history information
    • full history will remain available on customers/get single customer response
  • Explicit interface elements for unlimited item quantities
  • Enable ISO 8601 format for initialBillDate
  • Support for new AuthorizeNet error messages
  • Improve declined transaction retries
  • Improve deep links after login
  • Improve "remember me" on login
  • GUI messaging on subscription edit failure
  • API docs for delete charge
  • Bi-monthly plan frequency option
  • Various bug fixes (thanks for the report, everyone!)


  • Marketing metrics tracking. See KB Article
    • Determine accurate ROI on marketing spending
    • Know the value of your market sources
  • New gateway support
  • Support for Value Added Tax (VAT). See KB Article
    • Set label (country specific)
    • Set rate
    • Set customer exemption status
    • Set customer VAT number
  • Pretty item names on default invoice layout
  • UTF-8 email subject
  • "Remember Me" feature on GUI login
  • Portable links in owner notification emails
  • Revenue report CSV export
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various usability improvements


  • Enable changing current invoice bill date. This introduces significant flexibility. With it, you can achieve amazing feats never before possible such as:
    • Transact the current invoice in real-time
    • Change a customer's billing cycle.
    • Override default configured plan change behavior
    • ...and much more!
  • Switch between free plans without credit card
  • Improved CheddarGateway error handling
  • Improved customer profile handling
  • Improved invoice display with transaction description
  • Lengthy cancellation and reactivation handling
  • No more gateway profiles for free accounts
  • Logging fatal gateway connection
  • New customers line chart fix
  • Enable adding charges to free and canceled plans
  • Improved date and timezone handling in overview charts


  • Enabled meta data in email templates.
  • Port and encryption settings for STMP config.
  • Touched up analytics graphs and limit to top ten plans
  • Failed push events logging
  • Improve invoice history display
  • Free accounts are now limited to 1000 (instead of 20) customers when in gateway simulation mode
  • Added pref for suppressing payment receipts when the amount is zero
  • Implemented subscription preloading - include custom charges/credits item quantity information with new customer
  • New future invoice information in applicable email templates
  • Various bug fixes


  • Customer Meta Data -- passthru arbitrary data fields -- KB Article

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  • Enabled custom SMTP settings for email notifications

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  • Gateway simulator now understands multiple currencies
  • Non-US merchant account and gateway support
  • Improved gateway config interface
  • Various bug fixes

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  • Additional billing address fields to support VISA zero dollar verification mandate
  • Lifted zip code format restriction
  • Tracked Items negative overage amount supports recurring discounts
  • GUI messaging for outstanding invoice
  • Plan change to one that doesn't accommodate current item quantity results in 401
  • API documentation for billing date override and additional billing address fields
  • Various bug fixes

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  • Unified push notifications
  • Introduced cancellation push notification
  • Enabled first bill date override for new customer
  • Updated API docs to include billing date override and delete all customers
  • Improved API docs navigation
  • New date picker interface
  • CVV pass thru for real-time transactions (eliminates the need for verfication txn)
  • Customer CSV comma/quote tweak
  • GUI help button runs Tender widget

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  • Customer company string length increased to 60 characters.
  • Item quantity tracking is now fixed exactly to the billing period (billingDatetime)
  • Fixed some 400's that should have been 404's
  • Fix for when auth header is all lower case
  • Fixed some 401's that should have been 400's
  • Fixed a bug where add-charge was working in an undocumented way
  • Added "isFree" flag to plans xml indicating when a plan is considered to be free by CG
  • Added daily and bi-annual as options for billing frequency
  • Added a Customer.notes field
  • "In advance" billing and prorating. Deprecated "Trial Days".
    • Initial invoice handling
      • Option to transact initial invoice immediately on signup
      • Option to delay initial invoice by a number of days or months. Replaces "Trial Days".
      • Option to add setup fee to initial bill
      • Option to transact setup fee invoice immediately on signup
    • Handling for initial invoice on plan change (upgrade/downgrade)
      • Option to simply change subscribed plan. The next invoice due adheres to the new plan rules.
      • Option to prorate current invoice, transact the adjusted invoice restart the billing period immediately
      • Option to charge setup fee on change
    • More information in the pricing plans and the pricing plan changes KB articles
  • Fixed "Changed Pricing Plans" number on customer stats display
  • Introduced option for setting validationMode for AuthorizeNet CIM
  • Internet Exploder layout fixes
  • Improved negative invoice balance management

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  • Feedback on subscription change for setup fee invoice transaction
  • Improved pricing plan list
  • Some IE style fixes
  • Fixed timezone issue on error log report
  • Improved expiring cards notifier
  • Account owner receives notification when approaching customer limit and when exceeding soft limit or when hitting hard limit
  • Invoice XML node now contains paidTransactionId which indicates the transaction record that paid the invoice
  • Using ReturnPath header in customer notifications
  • Updated API reference
  • Fixed a bug where today's month/year could not be used as an expiration date
  • customer/add-charge now rejects if the subscription is canceled
  • Improved customer list search
    • CSV export
    • Link to XML view
    • filter by plan, subscription status, customer created date and subscription canceled date
    • search returns customers with email addresses that match the search term (substring)
    • improved pagination
    • last search is remembered
    • filters can now be used via the API (documented)
  • New pricing plan ordering algorithm orders based on annual cost
  • Improved new customer list
  • Analytics values link to customer auto search
  • Customer stats "Changed Plans" number is now correct
  • Added gatewayToken to transaction XML node
  • Now handling for E00045 Authnet error
  • Pushing customer code to authnet as merchantCustomerId
  • Pushing customer company to authnet
  • Error handling for malformed authnet request
  • New preferences for requiring zip code and/or card code
  • Implemented support for Card Verification Value (CVV/CV2)
  • For backward compatibility, existing products require zip by default, future products do not
  • Improved fault tolerance for authnet connection errors
  • Updated API docs to include card code
  • Removed autocomplete on gateway creds and masking gateway key
  • Improved filtering and validating on subscription data input
  • New bulk customer delete option for cleaning test accounts
  • Improved validation of gateway creds and remote gateway configuration

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  • Changing from a free plan to a paid plan now starts the billing period at the moment of the change.
  • Enabled fractional item quantity and overage charge amount
  • Now providing ccFirstName, ccLastName, ccZip in subscription XML
  • Error reporting enhancements
    • XML error node now contains an "auxCode" attribute for transaction errors and validation errors. Also, error messages are now human consumable.
    • Error logs are now exposed as an error report under the "Reports" tab (which used to be "Revenue").
    • More information about error reporting is available in the KB article
  • Error simulation
    • Realtime customer subscription error simulations are now possible by using the zip code field. If the the zip code starts with a zero (0) and the remaining four digits correspond to a CG error code, that error will be returned.
    • Delayed error simulations are now possible in a similar fashion. If the zip code starts with a nine (9) and the remaining four digits correspond to a CG error code, that error will be returned. Delayed errors are errors that occur after the customer has been successfully subscribed. For example, if the pricing plan has a non-zero setup charge amount, the subscription will succeed (the credit card is validated successfully) and then the transaction for the setup charge invoice will fail and return the error.
    • More information about error simulation is available in the KB article
  • Bug fixes
    • Setup charge code and recurring charge code are no longer required to be unique

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