Configuring Assembly Payments

  1. Overview
  2. Initial Setup
    1. API Credentials
    2. Other Settings
  3. Using PromisePay.js (optional)
  4. Configure Cheddar

1 Overview

Assembly Payments is available to merchants in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Available currencies are USD, AUD, NZD, and ZAR. Once you're setup with Assembly Payments, you can configure your Cheddar account

2 Initial Setup

Your customers' sensitive credit card data is stored with Assembly Payments.

2.1 API Credentials

Cheddar needs four pieces of information from your Assembly Payments account in order to access the API:


The username is the email address associated with your account. It's the same as that used to log into the management console.


Your account API Key may be found in the account section of the management console.

Fee IDs

This is an advanced option. If you have additional Fee IDs you'd like to add, please contact Cheddar support.

2.2 Other Settings

When Assembly Payment is configuring your marketplace account, ask that they enable the following feature configurations:

  • multiple_cards = true
  • partial_refunds = true
  • refunds = true
    • options = {"completed_items":true}

3 Using PromisePay.js

See the official documentation for PromisePay.js.

To get a clearer understanding, you may benefit from this example usage showing how PromisePay.js works.

You may use the PromisePay.js library to capture your customers' credit card details directly within your application while reducing your PCI-DSS exposure. You may then use the resulting card token instead of the full card details when creating a new customer or editing an existing customer's subscription within Cheddar.

4 Configure Cheddar

Once your Assembly Payments account is setup and live, it's time to setup your Cheddar account. Login to Cheddar, navigate to Configuration->Gateway and enter your Username and API Key. Then, select the currency enabled in your Assembly account and choose the accepted card types. Click "Save Changes" and you should be all set.

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