What are Marketing Metrics? Why do I care? How do I get setup?

Cheddar has implemented additional customer fields for associating collected marketing data with account generation. This powerful feature will allow you to correlate marketing campaigns with paying/nonpaying accounts the moment they are generated. Over time, you will be able to use the data to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of various marketing and lead generation efforts. You will soon find very accurate ROI's for your various lead sources.

Marketing Metrics Fields

When creating or editing customer information, market source and other fields are available for storage of your lead information. Here are the fields:

  • firstContactDatetime
    • Timestamp of the lead's first encounter with your marketing site
  • referer
    • HTTP referer at the time of first contact
  • campaignTerm
    • Keyword or phrase associated with the lead. Most often, this is the exact search phrase from a search engine or the keyword matched to a Google Adwords campaign (utm_term).
  • campaignName
    • Campaign name used to differentiate campaigns (maybe a specific promotion or affiliate). In Google Adwords speak, utm_campaign.
  • campaignSource
    • The source of the lead. Typically we'll already have the HTTP referer but you can use this field to further define the source (or group referers together).
  • campaignMedium
    • Identifies the medium with which the lead found your site (pay-per-click, email, twitter, etc.) Matches up with utm_medium.
  • campaignContent
    • Typically used for A/B testing in Adwords (utm_content).

To make integrating your current marketing efforts with Cheddar as easy as possible, we've matched our data points up to Google's Adwords API. You can integrate the marketing data associated with your Adwords spend for quick and accurate ROI calculations. These fields are highly flexible - they're made available for any type of campaign you can come up with.

We recommend storing your lead source information in a persistent cookie. Learn more about implementation

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